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January 25, 2008


Maggie Wynn

Dear Lesley
Great programme on Friday about cycling. Very balanced which was good to hear.I think more could have been made of the opportunity for training (or rather 'modifying your cycling').
There are lots of people out there who cycle and think they are more than capable - which they are to a degree, but good road positioning can make a lot of difference, both to your safety as a cyclist and in improving the perception of cyclists by other road users. Training in schools should be more wide spread as should opportunities for adult training. There is much concern about the fatality rate of young drivers. If more of them had cycle training as a youngster I believe their road skills would be much improved. Cyclists are not a one dimensional group- as the media often like to portray them. We need a range of facilities for a range of abilities. There is a real possibility that funding for cycling will be cut. The Budget Bill is going through the Scottish
Parliament, with the final vote on 6 February. Those of us who support cycling need to take the opportunity to try and get a major boost to cycle project funding. At present only roughly 1% of Scottish transport
spending goes on cycle projects. As the Budget stands at present it
seems likely this will fall even further, although it is hard to predict since there are many changes. Apart from the usual reasons that you may often hear (which are no less valid for being raised often) regarding less traffic congestion, a healthier environment and healthier people, it has been my experience that cycling promotes two values at the core of many citizens, those being a greater sense of community and family cohesion. Improved funding for cycling reflects an optimism that the world can be a better place. If you have a view regarding the budget please consider emailing John Swinney MSP. As I say at present a cut in spending is a very real possiblity.
I hope too that given the huge response you had to your programme that you will consider another about cycling in due course. Best wishes


Good show and interesting "aftermath"

NOW it's legal to cycle through the Hermitage - your sound man should try again.



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