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June 05, 2012


Christian Wright

Well of course, now we have the specticle of the BBC Question Time altering its panel after Nationalist protests, that the June 7 program featured 4 senior Unionists, three politicians (heavy hitters) and one senior political journalist, up against a single Hollywood actor who has Nationalist sympathies. A four to one bias in favor of the Unionist NO campaign.

The BBC defended the choice saying the panel was balanced and represented a range of views, and that the discussion would be about much more than just the referendum.

Why then did they pick three Scottish pols, all of whom are major players in the NO campaign?

The BBC have since altered the panel to include one nationalist politician, which brings the weighting in favor of the Unionists to 4 to 2.

If at 4 to 1 the BBC thought the panel balanced, presumably they think the panel is now weighted in favor of the nationalists.

This sort of anti-nationalist manipulation has been going on at the BBC for a very long time, and even in the face of justifiable criticism, they find it difficult to mend their ways.

So, Thursday June 7 BBC Question Time, look out for a balanced debate between KENNEDY, FORSYTH, LAMONT, and a senior Daily Mail journo who has made no secret of her contempt for the SNP and the referendum, versus, STURGEON, and the Hollywood actor whose name totally escapes me at the moment.

Given the original line-up I have no doubt that the BBC designed the panel to be a Unionist smack-down event against the SNP and the cause of Scottish self determination. I don't buy for a moment that the just happened to choose three leaders of the NO campaign and a rabidly anti SNP journo, for a QT program from Inverness. The dissolution of the UK is the biggest story in Scotland and certainly one of the biggest in Britain, andif it is to be discussed, it needs to be done on a fair basis.

This is still not a balanced panel by any means, and pressure on the BBC to play fair has to be increased.

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