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July 22, 2012




I've a wee *big* problems wi one of your ideas Lesley.

One of the biggest problems in Scotland is poverty. Think of all the stressed out people living in the Central Belt, suffering all sorts of poverty and dying way too young. This is their country, yet they are excluded from so much both by lack of finances and by social attitudes towards the poor.

The poorest people are the ones who would likely benefit far more from having a hut. So how are they to find the money to rent a hut? They can't. It isn't possible for them. Renting out huts is a great idea but for those with the money. Huts to rent will perpetuate the same old exclusions.

This is our country, each and every one of us *own* this country. We need to find a way of giving people, all people, not just those who can buy it, a slice of this pie. If we don't, then we should admit the truth; we are not a country that gives two hoots for inclusion, social justice and all the other lovely phrases we like to use to describe ourselves

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