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November 26, 2012


Mike Vickers

It’s Sunday and there’s another Pod no doubt being recorded at this very minute.
The points I picked up were
1. Latent power
2. Energy being transformed and not destroyed – as a physicist the trouble is that entropy is always increasing - basically the power to drive engines is being lost all the time and this looks to be Scotland’s problem
3. But back to the pod – Finance is too far away
4. What to do with all money under the bed – invest in small businesses
5. Small is beautiful – just found the book tucked in the book shelf
6. And back to the theme – let the action take place at the grass roots – empower the Community Councils
7. BTW what was the outcome of the Community Empowerment consultation
8. But why is this just a left prerogative- OK I know you two are on the left as is Gerry Hassan and he had a good article in this week’s Scotsman – the Liberals used to support community empowerment
9. And where is the SNP in all this – yet another centralist party
10. Yes Two views are too few – but then I’m still an arm chair liberal sitting on the fence – one day I’ll be like Humpy Dumpty!
11. Finally I don’t tweet – I have gone back to pencil and paper and a sharpener

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