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December 31, 2012


Mike Vickers

Too many points to pick up so just a few comments:

Scotland Independence different from Norway – there everyone wanted independence. Odd situation in Catalonia where independence is being driven by a right of centre party along with a very left wing one. The rest look just to have fallen out with the Mas government for its austerity budget rather than oppose independence.

What will an Independent Scotland look like – who knows – will the SNP just break apart – well I suspect Yes – Target achieved. Not that the leading players will hang up their gloves. Can’t see Nicola Sturgeon not wanting to a head a left of centre group. And what about the Command and Control Mike Russell.

Sorry that there won’t be a repeat of the Riddoch Wightman duo – but I can understand why – you can only have reviews of the world scene every so often – and much will come up again before October 2014.

Scottish Community Alliance – yes please bottom up – but then how do we balance the budget which will obviously blown.

Alasdair Gray and Scotland and colonialism – to me one of the most interesting plays of recent times was Dunsinane by David Greig – why are we in Afghanistan – after all we failed at the height of empire - why did we not learn. But equally a plea, albeit less direct, for Scottish Independence whatever the consequences.

Nothing about Scotland in Europe – do the Riddoch / Smith duo have no view? I am a Europhile though as was pointed out to me WW2 was 60 years ago and times have changed – well no.

Also the UK Government and the Scottish Parliament passed the Scotland Act 2012 which will come into operation in 2015 – if no Independence vote – a lost opportunity for all its possible short comings – well on the way to DevoMax.

Happy New Year and I’m looking forward to this year’s new pods.

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