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December 04, 2012


Mike Vickers

South Lanarkshire new town - I disagree with both of you.
Green field sites being buried under concrete. Cashing in on the enormous increase in value of land when it gets planning permission – no wonder they can go forward without money from the Council. The Tories are rightly being pilloried for proposing development on green field land – no doubt being pressured by the big developers.
What’s wrong with developing brown field sites in towns and cities where land is cheap and underutilised? Yes it’s much easier and much more exciting to develop on green fields than in derelict sites in city centres. Just leaving the poor people in these areas poorer surround with what in effect are bomb sites – I remember Liverpool after the blitz. I’m not opposed to community development but I am opposed to Community Development Groups who are driven by the Middle Class. Why not the under respected underfunded, underdog Community Councils. And it’s the same with the banks; that get away with it because the Middle Class don’t want to rock their own cosy boat – it will only be when the waves get rougher will they start to take any action – but then it may be too late
Now Leverson – yes I agree and you make a good point about English and Scots law and yes the law as it stands could have taken the newspapers to court. But the main point is as a lady writing the Guardian this week which I forwarded to Chris that it is all too late – Twitter just bypasses it all and is totally outside the law – what was the case recently on tweeting about the lord in North wales that got rid of the Director of the BBC – you remember the names of personalities better than I.

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