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December 17, 2012


Mike Vickers

What can I comment – a day in politics is a long time – Obama has ‘bitten the bullet’ and let’s hope it stays there: Joe Biden has been appointed to reach some sort of compromise and it will be a compromise; Bloomfield as Republican has joined gun control. I agree very much with Chris on the wording of the Founding Fathers Constitution about having guns – lets hope the Tea Party remembers that.
Michael Moore I take is not the Scottish Secretary of State!
But to Alistair Gray - didn’t know he muralised the Ubiquitous Chip but then we can afford the prices – well not now.
Yes I am a white settler as it appears Lesley and Chris are. Why are we here because we like Scotland and my wife wanted to come home – she was not one to be shy at applying for the top jobs but that was first in England – only later in Scotland. You may not like either Brown or Darling but they ran the UK. Is it just that the Scots who want the top jobs look for bigger ones than in Scotland? What about the British Empire run in the main by the Scots – Dr Livingston I presume!
As to the white settlers I’m afraid in my small trips round Scotland the go geters are English – and why because they are fed up of England and move to a different pasture - or highland. And so back to the US – who were the colonisers – the dissatisfied disenfranchised Englanders - the Scots followed albeit shipped out by the Scottish landowners but so many succeeded – Carnegie.
Enough – there are people who will go for the top jobs wherever they can find them and if its Scots going to England and Englanders coming to Scotland so be it.
And finally to the uncertainties of Independence – of course there are uncertainties – what gets me is that all the certainties/ uncertainties are in the here and now – Independence is for 300 years as even Mr Salmond admits.
Rant over!

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