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March 12, 2014


Mike Vickers

Much to listen to.
I’m very sorry at the state of the Coop – when we go north of the Highland Boundary Fault where do we shop – the Coop– as a kid I used to shop for my Mum and collect the ‘divi’. I hope it will stay alive as a mutual.
Tycoons – one only has to think of Richard Branson and business men faint – now ‘owns’ Northern Rock. May be he will pick up RBS and save an argument on who picks up its debt on Independence.
In the past what about all the industrial giants who built in Glasgow. I understand from Tom Devine book that Scotland didn’t suffer nearly as badly as Ireland from the potato famine because Glasgow was a magnet for Highlanders who send money back home

Too much on Gordon Brown – yes he looks to have been secretive but then think of Tony Blair. Brown is a dead man. The No campaign depends on younger politicians. As I wrote after hearing Willie Rennie at the David Hume Institute:
‘But from the Better Together’s point of view their real failing is that there is no statement of what Better Together means in practice – the three parties cannot come together to issue their ‘White Paper’. Labour will announce its view in March, the LibDems with Campbell 2 in April and the Tories with Lord Strathclyde in May. In September before the television cameras who will bring out the essence of the benefit of the Union before the wonderful words of Scotland for the Scots underpinned by Bannockburn by Alex Salmond’.
BTW despite its length I could find very little in Scotland’s Future on local democracy.

But back to Lesley’s write off of academics, I was very interested at presentations to the David Hume Institute and the Royal Society by Ailsa McKay. I was particularly taken by her concept of a Citizens Basic Income. I truly hope that someone of her stature will take this forward – may be one good that could come out of an Independent Scotland!

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