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May 29, 2013


mike vickers

It’s not easy
Wind is free and Scotland is fortunate in having lots of it.
So far it’s been the big landowners who have and will have for years to come the major benefit from the free wind; unless of course come the revolution post-Independence, but I don’t see the SNP veering that way soon. An Annual Land Tax could see the breakup of the large estates but who will benefit – may be the local communities on these estates or even the English fleeing across the border from the rump of the UK. The least likely to benefit are the city dwellers who even if they are lucky enough to own a bit of land, it’s not going to be big enough to support more than one wind turbine.
So we are back to distributing the good fortune of the Highland and Islanders to the old people freezing in the cities – provided there is a political will to do so. And we are back where we started before the break-up of the UK. The reason that there are serious welfare problems in the UK is because those that have the money are not willing to part with it and have the ear of the Government to support them. So will an independent Scotland break out of the deja vu?

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