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June 02, 2014


Public Opinion

You will never get a "real to life" answer from the BBC when criticising it, if you get one at all it'll be the usual computer generated, distant and evasive reply that could easily be used to answer a myriad of other things.

Why oh why did they put the blockers on the comments section of the BBC Scotland news site usually ran by Brian Taylor after the SNP won a landslide majority in 2011 and it was obvious we were now going to get our referendum ?

England, Wales and NI still have the ability to comment on their respective news slots representing their areas but not in Scotland.

Apparently some of us might start saying things that will make feel uncomfortable. People in Eng, Wal, and NI can all still comment but not the Scots. Why ?

Janet ireland

Just been watching the programme tonight. Sarah Smith has referred to us as the Queens subjects. Historically we have never been "subjects" .A poor programme badly presented. But doesn't Patrick Harvie speak sense with a passion! Worth watching just for hom.

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