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August 08, 2014


mike vickers

I am not one for the great debate. I can remember the three way debate between Cameron, Brown and Clegg and who came out on top, Clegg, and look where that has got him. To the great debate itself everyone expected Salmond to wipe the floor with Darling and he didn’t. I don’t dismiss the ‘Currency’ but it has been grossly overplayed in my view – given a Yes vote there will an accommodation – no one will lose face. Indeed Salmond had already regained his composure and ebullience at a Conference I attended on Business in Scotland the following day – there were no questions on the Currency though!

Much more interesting to my mind was Chris’ discussion with Alyn Smith and how the European Parliament works and he was convincing at least to me that it does work despite all the critical remarks from not only the Tories but Labour also – but then I am a European. And again more interesting still Smith was totally in support of the European Convention of Human Rights. My own view is that it has to be the basis of a Constitution of an Independent Scotland – it is already of course – but it needs far more publicity than it has at present. I believe further that you don’t need much more – it has all the hallmarks of what I consider as absolutely necessary and expressed in a simple straight forward way – to add more will just bog it down in detail to be haggled over by each party as it comes to power in Holyrood. Just one contentious example – to build in the constitution – no nuclear power – would be folly – requiring a change in the Constitution if Scotland ever needs to fall back on it. Another, even more contentious, the inalienable right to good health for everyone rather than free medical care for everyone.

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