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June 15, 2015


john mcgarry

thank you I feel better knowing that people such as yourself has all our aspirations and feelings well and truly covered and watched over as non believers try to pull us down.

Elaine Gillies

Lesley, I just wanted to say that I read your Scotsman article online and continued down into the comments section afterwards. I was completely taken-aback by the tone of some of the comments left by contributors and really angry that The Scotsman doesn't moderate these comments more carefully.
Fair enough people commenting on the content of your article and disagreeing with it but what completely infuriated and disgusted me was the personally insulting nature of the comments left by quite a few contributors.
I feel really aggrieved that you have to put up with this but am more annoyed that The Scotsman doesn't moderate their page better and delete any sexist and personally offensive material. By allowing these comments to remain they are complicit in setting the tone of this section and allowing this to continue.
I have emailed them complaining about this but am not sure that I will hear anything back. However I just wanted to write to give you my support- although I realise you must have developed a very thick skin over the years I'm sure it must be upsetting at times to have to read these comment. Best Wishes
Elaine Gillies


Elaine, that's what the Scotsman comments are like. It is a disgrace, but it has been like that for years. It's where all the bitter unionists go to vent their bile. Utterly horrible.

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