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December 13, 2015



Was listening to the podcast, and the situation with the tories deliberately sabotaging the lowcarbon 'plan'.
The raw facts are that Scotland has the natural resources to produce > 100% of UK electricty through renewables.
The deliberate rigging of the electricity transmission 'market' and deliberate destruction of essential reserve generation capacity in the UK, reminds me of the similar Thatcher era plan where her neoliberal backers benefitted from the guaranteed return (from consumers bills in a captive 'market') as she engineered the destruction of the Miners.

7 years ago Gordie Broon dangled the carrot of £1 Billion investment for CCS (for Longannet and/or Peterhead) in Scotland (presumeably if we voted labour) and then predictably it all got Westmonsterized, it has been obvious to me that we would never get it.
It was always destined to either 1) Be awarded to Drax by House of Lords lobbyists paymasters or 2) never materialise.
Westminster seldom fails to disapoint. :-(

mike vickers

So why is it that almost everything Cameron’s government has done on climate and energy since being elected in May has moved us in the wrong direction, towards pitiful excuse-making when we come to look our children in the eye, let alone our grandchildren?

Read all at http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/dec/14/david-cameron-u-turn-paris-climate-change-summit

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