John Marsh

I think your Herald article on the Baltics went a bit too far in suggesting Finns, Estonians and Hungarians understand one another's languages. Having an Estonian grandmother, and a brother who worked in Finland, I can agree that Finnish and Estonian are mutually comprehensible, but the link with Hungarian is much less evident, dating back to the Finno-Ugrian linguistic roots of both. It is perhaps more like the link between Sanskrit and English; there, but no longer evident. And isn't English also a language with no grammatical gender?

Craig Evans

Hi Leslie,

Loved your photos and the podcast and have passed the website details on to my Finnish friend.

It all looks lovely and so much like Scotland could be if we work at it.

Best wishes,

Alan Baillie

Hi Lesley,

My wife and I also did a cycling tour of Aland last summer and thoroughly enjoyed it. We reached Aland by ferry from Stockholm and hired bikes in Mariehamn. Our itinerary was the Archipelago Tour described in the Viking Line brochure. I (almost) completely agree with your descriptions - but on the day we cycled back to Mariehamn there was a constant, strong, strength-draining headwind.

It's amazing that so little is known of Aland. The only British people we heard were a few in Mariehamn itself.


I loved the headline "Across Finland" as I plan something similar:

Please do keep on cycling and remember to wear a helmet at all times!

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